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5 Signs that Your Body Needs a Cleanse

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Is Your Body Craving a Nutritional Cleanse?

There are many benefits of nutritional cleanses and everyone seems to be talking about them these days. However, all the cleanse buzz can easily confuse you about some important questions like:

How do you know when you really need a cleanse? Does everyone need to cleanse? If you do need it, how do you know when to do it?

Do you need to cleanse


Luckily, there are many clear signs that your body gives to tell you when it wants to release the extra toxins that you’re carrying with you through your everyday life. With the checklist below, you can easily evaluate yourself to see if you’re experiencing any of these tell-tale symptoms of toxin accumulation inside your body. If you are and they’ve been increasing recently, then you know it’s definitely time to do a thorough inner cleansing; the more severe your symptoms are, the more urgently your body needs to cleanse in some way.

↠ For more information on the science behind a cleanse we suggest this article on Isagenix Health or our own complete guide to Isagenix cleanse days.


Ask yourself the following questions honestly:

  1. Do you experience intense cravings for caffeine or sugar that prevent you from going even one day without them?
  2. Is it hard for you to focus on things and complete your work?
  3. Do you wake up in the morning feeling as if you haven’t really rested?
  4. Do you consistently feel lacking in energy?
  5. Do you have difficulties digesting food (e.g. you experience gas and bloating after eating)?

If you’ve answered “yes” to four or more of those questions, then you could really benefit from a thorough nutritional cleanse.


What does it really mean to be healthy?

I’m sure that after reading that list of symptoms, many of you might be thinking, ” … but so many people have symptoms like these. Does that really mean I’m unhealthy?” It’s easy to tell yourself that you don’t really need to cleanse your organs because, unfortunately, our society has pretty low health standards and we think that’s normal. Most people don’t realize how much better they could feel after cleansing. There is no magic pill to relieve every health problem, but a cleanse helps your entire immune system do its job to the best of its ability.


Isn’t it time for you to raise your personal health standards?

Healthy and HappyYou don’t have to continue living in a low state of health, expecting that’s normal like so many others do. Imagine how much better your life could be if your definition of health meant having energy when you get up in the morning that lasts throughout the day without any addictive stimulants like caffeine or sugar? Wouldn’t you like to feel satisfied after eating without experiencing bloating or gas? Imagine how good it would feel to sleep continuously throughout the night and feel refreshed when you awaken. All of these things are the reasons why people cleanse themselves regularly to reach their higher health standards.


When you’re ready to cleanse, how do you know when to do it and when not to?

To get the most benefits out of your nutritional cleanse, it’s critical to know when to do it. Most people can follow the following general guidelines for a smoother cleanse experience:

  1. Don’t do a cleanse during your most stressful work week of the year. Your digestive organs can’t get a real break if you expose yourself to above-average stress levels and try to cleanse at the same time.
  2. Try to cleanse when the seasons are changing. Cleansing during transitions between seasons helps you avoid catching the usual colds and flu viruses that most other people catch at these times.
  3. Cleanse with a friend or family member. By encouraging each other, it will be easier to complete the cleanse than if you’re doing it alone.


When should you get professional assistance for your cleanse?

If you’ve recently gone through any kind of surgery, give your body time to fully rest and recuperate before doing cleanses.

While cleanses work well for almost anyone, please seek the supervision of a certified medical professional before starting a cleanse plan if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

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Brad Russell

Brad is a passionate health and fitness lover. His credentials include:
  • Top Isagenix Enroller Worldwide
  • Member of the Isagenix START 1000 Club
  • Graduated from University of Western Australia

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