Isagenix Money Back
Guarantee/Refund Policy


30 Day Money Back Guarantee in Australia & NZ

Your first Isagenix order is covered by a money back guarantee

If, for any reason, you decide that Isagenix doesn’t fit in with your health and weight loss goals, you can apply for an Isagenix refund within 30 days of your first purchase. This refund is offered by Isagenix International, as an acknowledgement of their confidence in the value of their products. IsaTonic is not responsible for any aspects of the refund transaction.

That’s right—if you are not satisfied with your first order of Isagenix products, you can apply for a refund within the first 30 days of your order!

Note: This guarantee only applies to your first order. It does not include shipping and handling or membership fees.




What Does the Isagenix Money Back Guarantee Cover?

The guarantee covers everything including (but not limited to):

  1. You’re not happy with the results
  2. You don’t like the taste
  3. You have been advised by your GP that Isagenix isn’t suitable with a pre-existing medical condition
  4. Anything else you can think of!

Isagenix’s products have been designed, tested, and approved by a team of health and fitness experts to ensure quality and effectiveness. With clients consistently showing outstanding results using Isagenix products around the world, we’re confident that you’ll achieve your physical goals with hard work and the nutritional benefits of Isagenix. And since Isagenix is willing to back up that confidence with a financial guarantee, what more could you possibly need to start down the path towards a healthier life?

Only a small percentage of our customers apply for an Isagenix refund, but 100% of those customers have received a refund (and in a timely manner). For the full Isagenix refund policy click here.

Here’s the Step-By-Step American Refund Process:

  1. Send an email to that includes your Isagenix Member ID and Invoice Number (found in the top right corner of your invoice). Alternatively, call the Isagenix Australia customer service team on 1300 651 979.
  2. Complete the Isagenix Returns Merchandise Authorisation provided by the Returns Department.
  3. Ship your remaining items back to Isagenix Australia.
  4. Get your money back! Your refund may take a few days, but many customers have reported receiving a refund on the same day that their products arrived at Isagenix.

Non-members of Isagenix may also apply for their money back with the same process.

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With a comprehensive 30 day money back guarantee and refund policy that covers ANY reason you want to return Isagenix – why not try Isagenix today? You’ve got nothing to lose!