Which Isagenix Pack

Let Us Help You Choose the Most Suitable Isagenix Pack!

Please note: Isagenix have recently changed their product range. The information below is still relevant, but the names of some of the packs will be slightly different. You can view the full range of Australian and N.Z Isagenix products here.

President’s Pak Weight Loss Premium Pack
30 Day Nutritional Cleansing Program 30 Day Weight Loss System
Energy & Performance President’s Pak Energy Premium Pack
Energy & Performance Pro Pak 30 Day Energy System
Youthful Ageing Pak 30 Day Healthy Ageing System

If you are unsure which Isagenix program is for you, our handy infographic outlines the benefits of each of the most popular Isagenix packs. If you are still unsure which pack best suits your needs (be it for weight loss, for a thorough cleanse and detox, to build lean muscle or to age gracefully), please contact me or call any time on 1300 323 296.

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Which Isagenix Pack is for You Infographic

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