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Exciting New Healthy Options for Your Plant Based Lifestyle

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Plant Based Dairy Free Options

Have you heard about the new dairy free products now available from Isagenix? No? Well, here is all the latest exciting information.

Dieticians and nutritional experts have heralded the health benefits of a plant based lifestyle for decades. Today, there are more and more people either already participating in a dairy free diet or wanting to learn about this dietary lifestyle. And to ensure that you too can enjoy a healthy selection of plant based products, Isagenix has added several more dairy free items:

  1. IsaLean Shakes in Vanilla Chai and Rich Chocolate flavours
  2. IsaLean Bars in Chocolate Berry Bliss flavour
  3. Snacks in Natural Wild Berry flavour

All of these plant based products are healthy options for those on a dairy restricted diet, on a vegan or vegetarian eating regime, or those who want nutritional options for their dietary goals. These plant based products are soy free, gluten free, dairy free, and fully vegetarian in nutritional values.

Isagenix continuously strives to meet the weight loss goals for those individuals who wish to achieve a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a dairy free diet. Our no compromise policy on the use of high quality, proprietary blend of ingredients ensures that you have all the nutritional supplements needed to meet those demands, we have designed two great systems for weight loss and healthy living.


Incorporating Plant Based Options Into Your 30 Day Weight Loss System

An Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss System includes:


Plus, add the Dairy-Free IsaLean Bars as a delicious meal replacement.

Dairy Free IsaLean Bars Now Available

Whichever weight loss system you are on, either the standard 30 day program or the custom 30 day program, adding our super flavourful, low glycemic, and fibre filled dairy free shakes are excellent aids in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. And, all of the high quality protein in the dairy free shakes fully support the growth of lean muscles for a smooth, well defined physical appearance.


Amazing Health Benefits of Dairy Free Products

Our dairy free shakes and bars contain a nutritious, high quality, proprietary blend of plant based protein. Some of the health benefits associated with plant based products are:

  • Better Control of Blood Sugar – Plant fibre slows absorption of sugars within the blood stream
  • Lower Cholesterol Levels  Plants do not contain any cholesterol
  • Weight Loss – Plant based diets low in fat and sugars, high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals support healthy weight loss while curbing cravings and providing a satisfied fullness for longer periods of time. This is a natural receipt for weight loss management.
  • Less Constipation and Inflammation – Plant based products help to support regularity and a well-regulated digestive system.

Whether you’re a long-time consumer of plant based products, or want to improve your health by swapping out your dairy-based shakes, try these products with your next order and discover for yourself how healthy and delightfully tasty a plant based lifestyle can be.






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