Isagenix Performance Products Now Informed-Sport Certified!

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Isagenix Products Now Informed Sport Certified


Isagenix has always taken pride in its no-compromise approach to quality when it comes to the ingredients in its products. With the recent addition of a highly successful (and popular) performance supplement range, it was vital for Isagenix to ensure compliance with national and international anti-doping bodies.

Therefore, Isagenix has partnered with Informed-Sport. Informed-Sport provides quality assurance of sports supplements for professional athletes and generally active people.


What is Informed-Sport?

Informed-Sport is a quality assurance program that tests sports supplements and ingredients in a world-class anti-doping laboratory. The program was developed to minimise the risk of banned substance contamination in sports supplements. Athletes have to be extremely careful with what they are putting in to their bodies, and this program was developed with that in mind.


How Does Informed-Sport work?

The manufacturing process of supplements goes through a rigorous assessment which involves both a questionnaire and sample testing. Every manufactured batch is tested for a wide range of substances banned in sport by the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA). All compliant batches are able to show the Informed-Sport logo on their packaging and are safe for use by athletes.


Which Products are Informed-Sport Certified?

The entire Australia and New Zealand performance line, plus IsaPro and Ionix Supreme, are Informed-Sports Certified. These include:


What are the Benefits of Informed-Sport Certification?

Every single batch of certified products are screened for banned substances before being allowed to carry the Informed-Sport logo. Therefore, semi professional and professional athletes can have confidence in using their favourite Isagenix products during both training and competition.

Professional Athletes Using Isagenix


Informed-Sport is recognised by a growing number of international organisations, including:

  1. WADA
  2. Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA)
  3. Australian Institute of Sport
  4. Drug-Free Sport New Zealand
  5. High Performance Sport New Zealand
  6. NRL
  7. AFL





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