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Isagenix AMPED NOx

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Stamina and Strength in a Single Shot!

Isagenix Amped NoxIsagenix AMPED NOx extracts essential ingredients from fruits and vegetables to increase stamina during your high-intensity workouts. Maximise results with this powerful shot. Each box comes with 6 x 60ml bottles.

The fruit and vegetable nitrates in Isagenix AMPED NOx support stamina and strength, while polyphenols from a variety of fruit juices boost overall health and immune function. Best used with Isagenix AMPED Nitro pre-workout for a supercharged pre workout combination like no other.

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Isagenix AMPED NOx Boosts Your Workouts

The perfect pre-workout shot to help prime muscles for maximum performance during high-intensity exercise.

  • Nitrates from fruit and vegetable extracts help give you stamina during training
  • Polyphenols from grape, cherry, pomegranate and apple juice support overall health



Isagenix AMPED NOx Ingredients:


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Amped NOX

I have this before I play netball and basketball and I have a lot more energy throughout the game. These new products from Isagenix are a great addition as previously I just used the eshots (I still do)
Nicole, Fremantle - 27/07/2016