Isagenix Allergies and Lifestyle Choices


Are Isagenix Products Suitable for Vegetarians or Those Suffering from Food Related Allergies?

For a list of products that are suitable for you, please download the Australian and NZ Isagenix allergens table here.
For the USA Isagenix allergens table with a full list of products, download it here.

↠ To see more information on Isagenix ingredients refer to our guide.


Do Isagenix Products Contain Gluten?

Within the Australian and NZ range of products, the only products that contain gluten are:

  1. SlimCakes
  2. Nutty Caramel Cashew flavoured IsaLean Bars
  3. IsaDelight chocolates (all flavours)

Both chocolate flavours of the IsaLean Bars (and lemon crunch) are gluten free.

Gluten free

Do You Sell the Dairy Free Isagenix Shakes?

The dairy-free Isagenix shakes are now available in Australia and New Zealand! To purchase them click here.

You can also purchase the dairy-free shakes in the packs/programs. To do this, select a pack from our shop page and you will have the choice of flavours during checkout.

Isagenix Shake Cleanse pack





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