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Strengthen Your Body and Mind with Nutritional Cleansing

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Nutritional Cleansing: Making You Healthier and Stronger

Nutritional Cleansing Boosts Your BodyThe concept of cleansing the body is hardly a new one. Regardless of your typical health habits, you’re probably aware of what it entails. Typically, cleansing involves ingesting special herbal drinks that are designed to flush toxins and other impurities from the body. While many benefits can be derived from traditional cleanses, there’s a pretty major caveat: Standard cleanses lack crucial nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and protein, so whatever benefits they bring to the table are often cancelled out. Fortunately, an alternative is available. It’s called nutritional cleansing, and it doesn’t just flush impurities from the body; it also introduces crucial nutrients that make you healthier and stronger.


Impurities – How They Affect Your Body and Mind

Even if you are diligent about consuming a healthy, natural diet, your body is still being pummelled by impurities every hour of every day. They’re in the foods you eat, even if those foods are largely whole and organic. They’re in the beverages you drink. They’re in the soaps, lotions and other grooming products you use. They’re in the air you breathe too, and it’s not like you can stop breathing.

Although your body naturally removes significant amounts of impurities on an ongoing basis, it really isn’t up to the task of flushing them away to the point where your health is going to dramatically improve. The reality of modern living is that at any given moment, our bodies contain huge amounts of toxins and impurities. The worst among them are free radicals, which are negatively charged molecules that attack healthy cells. Free radicals and other impurities weaken your body’s defences, negatively impact your emotional state and mind and hold you back from achieving optimal health. If it ever feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle to stay healthy, that’s why.

As impurities build up in your body, your defences are weakened. You may find yourself getting sick again and again. Your ability to cope with the stress of everyday life may steadily diminish. You may start packing on weight, and that’s true even if you’re good about getting lots of exercise. It’s little wonder that so many people in our society today are overweight, tired and absolutely miserable!


Nutritional Cleansing: The Basics

Lots of body cleanses are on the market today. Most promise to flush away the toxins and other impurities that cause so many problems. What they lack, though, are nutrients. Traditional cleanses can, indeed, remove toxins from the body. Without the addition of nutrients, though, they can actually leave you with weakened defences. More troubling is the fact that they do nothing to combat free radicals.

Nutritional cleansing is different. It contains ingredients that flush away impurities, but it also contains crucial nutrients that actually enhance and improve upon the benefits of cleansing in the first place. Vitamins, minerals and herbs actually boost your body’s ability to remove impurities, and they nourish your body to make it stronger and more efficient.


Is Intermittent Fasting the Missing Link?

While on the subject of nutritional cleansing, it’s worth it to touch upon the concept of intermittent fasting. Like many people, you may be suffering from metabolic syndrome without even knowing it. It develops in the following way. Every night, you go without sleeping for several hours. During that time, your body works to repair itself. When you start eating again the next day, the process goes into reverse. Many impurities are left behind, and eating also triggers the development of a growth hormone called IGF1, which helps to build new cells. Fasting intermittently lowers the body’s levels of IGF1, so the rate at which new cells are built declines. This allows the body to focus on repairing existing cells, and that’s where the magic happens.


Reinvigorate Your Mind and Body with Nutritional Cleansing

Catherine AfterThe bottom line here is clear. Periodically fasting helps to switch your body into cell repair mode, which helps to strengthen your body and improve your mental acuity. Adding nutritional cleansing into the mix enhances this process while introducing crucial nutrients, including antioxidants that are prized for their ability to ward off the harmful effects of free radicals. This all adds up to an exciting array of benefits, including superior weight control, healthier hair and skin, increased energy and the ability to ward off the signs of aging for much longer.


How Can Isagenix Help?

Isagenix Cleanse for LifeIsagenix’s Cleanse for Life can aid the body’s nutritional cleansing process. This special formula improves your health by combining nature’s powerhouse of cleansing — antioxidants— with vital minerals and plant compounds. Coupled with other components of the 9 Day Cleanse or 30 Day Cleanse and this will significantly bolster your overall health.

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Brad Russell

Brad is a passionate health and fitness lover. His credentials include:
  • Top Isagenix Enroller Worldwide
  • Member of the Isagenix START 1000 Club
  • Graduated from University of Western Australia

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