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Isagenix Essential Oils Are Coming!

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November 2018 Update: Isagenix Essential Oils are now available for purchase in Australia and NZ! View the full range here.
Isagenix Essential

For over 16 years, Isagenix has been a frontrunner in the world of health and wellness, consistently creating solutions and products to help build muscle, manage your weight, gain financial freedom, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Now, Isagenix is diving even further into the area of health and wellness with a new essential oils collection: Essence by Isagenix.

Whether you are already a fan of essential oils or a newcomer, the Essence line is full of amazing features that make it stand apart from the crowd.


What Are Essential Oils?

Essential aroma oilEssential oils are organic compounds sourced from plants. These compounds possess significant healing properties. When essential oils are used for healing purposes, it is often referred to as aromatherapy. This holistic treatment aims to improve mental, emotional, and physical health.

These healing plant oils have been used for thousands of years. Common uses today include natural home cleaning, natural medicine, beauty care, and relaxation.

Essential oils are extracted from the flower, fruit, seed, root, leaf, or bark of a tree or plant. A single drop can have potent health effects. Most often, essential oils are created through a process known as distillation. This process uses steam to separate the water and oil-based compounds of a plant.

Essential oils have a strong aroma due to their highly concentrated nature and are sometimes referred to as volatile aromatic oils. When the oils of these plants are concentrated, the most healing components of the plant get packed into a single oil. For example, to create just 15 ml of rose essential oil, 30kg of rose petals are needed!

Plants contain these therapeutic oils as protection against harsh environmental conditions and insects. By using essential oils, you are harnessing the powerful effects and benefits of nature.


What Types of Essential Oils Are There?

The Isagenix Essence lineup features a variety of single essential oils and unique, carefully developed blends. The six single oils — lemon, frankincense, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree — are designed for a variety of uses. The blends are TumBliss™, DefenseShield™, AirWay™, and Content™.

Oil Airway
Oil content
Oil DefenseShield


Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils consist of extremely small molecules, some of which can even cross the blood-brain barrier. These compounds differ from fatty oils (such as those found in nuts or vegetables) that consist of large molecules that cannot penetrate cells.

Just by adding some of the Isagenix Essence single essential oils such as lemon, frankincense, peppermint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and lavender to your routine, you may help:

They have a number of health benefits

  • Fight off symptoms from a cold or flu
  • Soothe sore muscles and relax your body
  • Balance hormones
  • Alleviate pain
  • Boost mood
  • Energiae and invigorate your mind and body
  • Help the digestive system function better
  • Freshen your home
  • Boost immunity

Specific oils can also be blended together to further enhance their effects and benefits. They can also be blended with a base oil and then used as body lotion, shower gel, or a therapeutic massage oil.


How to Use the Isagenix Essence Essential Oils Collection

Essential oils are quite versatile, but it is important to keep it simple. Isagenix recommends focusing on three main ways to reap the health and wellness benefits of essential oils:

How to use apply

Apply Directly

Apply one to two drops of your desired Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil directly to your skin. To keep skin sensitivity to a minimum, consider adding a few drops of Isagenix Coconut Application Oil to your chosen essential oil.

How to us diffuse


Using the Isagenix Cool Mist Diffuser, add eight to ten drops of your desired essential oil. This will infuse the room with a fresh, clean aroma. As a bonus, essential oils do not contain the harmful phthalates found in many air fresheners that use artificial fragrance.

How to use ingest


For some of the essential oils, a drop can be added to eight ounces of liquid, including IsaLean Shakes. A perfect option for Shake or Cleanse Days! When it comes to ingesting essential oils, it’s always important to check with your primary care provider first. Eucalyptus, tea tree, and AirWay are not intended for ingestion.

Tip: Since essential oils are so concentrated, even the most minuscule amounts can provide significant benefits. Try dipping the end of a toothpick into the oil and then stir it into your cleanse drink or shake.


5 Tips If You Are New To Essential Oils

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations.
  2. Don’t assume that just because it is natural that it is automatically safe to use in any quantity you want or with any method you want. Since they are extremely concentrated, essential oils are quite powerful. Be sure to follow the recommended guidelines in terms of the amount you use and how you use them.
  3. Try not to assume that essential oils can do everything. They are certainly powerful, but they cannot replace hydration, exercise, nutrition, and proper supplementation.
  4. Be careful to avoid getting essential oils near your ears or eyes as these areas are sensitive.
  5. Pay careful attention to quality. Many essential oils are diluted, altered with synthetic compounds, or full of additives. It is crucial to choose essential oils from a company that does not compromise quality. With the Essential Oil collection from Isagenix, you can be assured that the oils are 100% pure and third-party tested.

The Range of Essence Products

Frequently Asked Questions About the Isagenix Essential Oils Collection

Do the blue bottles protect as well as amber bottles?

The blue bottles help protect the oils from UV rays while also providing an appealing look. Be sure to store your oils in a dry, dark, cool location.

How big are the bottles?

Each bottle contains 15ml of oil.

How do I apply the oils topically?

If you are using oils for the first time, it is important to try a test spot first to be sure no skin sensitivity occurs.

Do I have to avoid sun exposure after using citrus oils?

After using citrus oils such as DefenseShieldTM, TumBlissTM, ContentTM, or Isagenix Lemon) topically, it is suggested to avoid UV rays for 12 hours.

Are Isagenix essential oils safe for kids or women that are pregnant or nursing?

The entire family can enjoy the Essence line by Isagenix Essential Oil when diffused in spacious, well-ventilated areas. Prior to topical application of any essential oil, it is important to consult with your child’s doctor. It is not recommended to apply oils to children younger than age four.

Consider using a small amount of Isagenix Coconut Application Oil when using the oils topically. Ingesting essential oils is only suggested for adults 18 years or older that have checked with their physician. Pregnant or nursing women need to check with their doctor prior to using essential oils.

Are Isagenix Essential Oils safe for pets?

Certain pets may be highly sensitive to essential oil aromas. Diffusing essential oils in a poorly ventilated area or small space is not recommended for pets (or people for that matter). If you wish to use essential oils in your home, it is important to first check with your veterinarian.

Learn More About Isagenix Essential Oils (free PDF)


How Do Isagenix Essential Oils Compare to Other Oils in Terms of Quality?

Isagenix is committed to delivering only the purest, most high-quality essential oils. Each oil is guaranteed to be only 100 percent pure, unadulterated oil. All Isagenix oils are completely natural, with no solvents or absolutes ever being used in the oil extraction process.

As part of their no-compromise commitment, Isagenix has developed long-standing relationships with trusted farmers around the world. The Essence line of essential oils by Isagenix is only sourced from a selected group of regions to produce the most effective, pure oils.

The Isagenix no-compromise commitment to quality and safety backs each of the essential oils. Each and every batch of Isagenix oils undergoes an extensive eight-step process to ensure they are produced in line with the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices.

In addition to conforming to Good Manufacturing Practices, Isagenix employs a highly qualified quality assurance team to guarantee oils of the highest quality and safety. “Therapeutic grade” is just one of the many terms the FDA does not endorse, nor is it a universal labeling term.

Isagenix’s no-compromise commitment to safety and quality is supported by a thorough, extensive eight-step method (more on this below) that produces products that have been tested, sourced, and manufactured in line with the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices. The Essence Essential Oils also align with standards for sustainable sourcing methods.

Isagenix prides itself on the reputation it has built within the nutraceutical industry. By exceeding standards, Isagenix has placed itself into a category of its own.

The introduction of Isagenix’s essential oils is nothing new for the company, both in terms of harnessing the power of nature and the no-compromise standards used in creating the highest-quality product possible.


The Process of Creating the Highest Quality Essential Oils

Following is a breakdown of the 8 step process demonstrating how the Essence line is in full accordance with Isagenix’s no-compromise quality standards for authenticity, safety, and purity.

  • Complete collectionStep 1. Crop Selection Based on Proven EvidenceIsagenix partners only with vetted, responsible suppliers that have over a century of combined experience in the areas of harvesting, manufacturing, and growing essential oils. Through these trusted, enduring relationships and their standards and practices, Isagenix has identified highly-sought after raw materials with unique properties that cannot be found elsewhere.Isagenix selects naturally occurring aromatic plants based on proven evidence that verifies their potential benefits when used for aromatherapy purposes. Special attention is paid to the part of the plant the oil is extracted from and the origin of the plant.
  • Step 2. Meticulously Performed ExtractionDepending on the plant part or species, the oils are extracted using cold pressing or steam distillation. Steam distillation uses steam to collect the essential oils, while the process of cold pressing mechanically crushes the plant to separate the oils.Blends collection
  • Step 3. Expert Organoleptic TestingThe extracted essential oils undergo organoleptic testing and approval. This ensures the color, fragrance, and appearance meet the necessary standards. If an oil does not measure up to the expert’s standards, it is rejected.
  • Step 4. ISO Standards Verification by Third-Party LaboratoriesOnce the oils are approved, they are sent to third-party, industry-leading labs in both Canada and the United States for microbiological, purity, identification, and analytical testing. This ensures that each essential oil is 100 percent pure, free of adulterants, and free of bacterial contamination — standards put in place by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Step 5. FDA-Regulated Facilities for the Bottling ProcessThe Quality Control and Assurance Team at Isagenix releases the approved oils to be filled, bottled, and labeled at food facilities that are thoroughly vetted and FDA approved.
  • Singles collectionStep 6. Third-Party Microbiological TestingIsagenix essential oils are sampled and then submitted to third-party labs for microbiological testing. This ensures 100 percent purity and guarantees the oils to be free of bacterial contamination.
  • Step 7. Quality Assurance ReviewSamples are selected from each batch of Essence essential oils to be evaluated by the Isagenix World Headquarters in Arizona. This final evaluation consists of sensory, documentation, and analytical verifications before the oil can arrive in distribution centers.
  • Step 8. Leak-Proof, Shatter-Proof Packaging for Safe DeliveryLastly, Isagenix’s authentic, no-compromise, 100 percent pure essential oils come in leak-proof, shatter-proof packaging that ensures their stability, integrity, and safe delivery to your door.


When Will These Products Become Available in Australia?

The Essence range has been launched in the USA and Canadian markets already, and is earmarked for an Australian and New Zealand launch within the next few months. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter in the footer below – and we’ll notify you as soon as they become available!

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