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2018 IsaBody Challenge Winners

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IsaBody Grand Prize Winner


The 2018 IsaBody Challenge is over and the grand prize winner is Claudia Tomczyk. Claudia, 24 years old, who comes from South Australia, completed 3 challenges.

She stated that her inspiration was and her continued determination is based on the program’s ‘Start, Complete, and Repeat’ profile. Claudia devotedly followed the Isagenix system, incorporating our AMPED products, to meet her personal goals for physical and mental fitness. Her weight training sessions focused on body sculpting while her cardio-based training improved her overall health and wellness. She credits both the Challenge program and the encouragement and support she receives from the IsaBody community at-large.

Claudia says that she is looking forward to the next Challenge and that her personal vision now is to help others achieve their individual goals. Claudia is a wonderful example of what someone can achieve when they have the right motivation, support, exercise regiment, and nutritional products as readily available as our Isagenix programs. Congratulations are totally in order, and we look forward to seeing Claudia in the winner’s circle again, in the future.



The end of Round 3 brought us four fabulous finalists. The finalists included both men and women, and the age of these finalists spanned 22 years from the youngest to the most mature. We proudly introduce you to:

  1. Ben Travers, 31, from Queensland completed 2 IsaBody Challenges and altered his life dramatically. One year ago Ben was diagnosed as obese, and in danger of developing both diabetes and liver disease. While his health condition was not in good shape, Ben did have good karma. One of his Facebook friends was Jackson Baum, a 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive, who introduced him to the Isagenix health and fitness system.

    Encouraged by the personal accountability incorporated into the program, Ben registered for the IsaBody Challenge. He was so enthused with his physical improvements at the end of the first Challenge, he immediately signed up for and completed the second Challenge. Ben has renewed vigor, good health, and greets each day with the determination to maintain and improve his physical fitness and his weight management. Ben’s achievements have so impressed his fiancé, Cheyenne, that she has now joined with him and is currently signed up for the Challenge.
    Ben Travers Weight Loss Results
  2. Lauree Pass, 34, from Australian Capital Territory, has completed four IsaBody Challenges and regained a positive self-image, personal confidence, and a healthy control over her physical fitness and weight management. Before enrolling in the IsaBody Challenge, Lauree suffered with chronic foot pain that hindered her ability to participate in physical activities. She also felt that she was not in the best physical condition to become a mother.

    Now, after completing 4 Challenges, and looking forward to number 5, Lauree is in the best shape ever. Her consistency and determination is so invigorating that she actually reached her weight goal 4 weeks early during her recent 16 week Challenge. She credits the encouragement and support of her IsaBody Challenge community for keeping her motivated and inspired to actually be the best person, inside and out, that she can be. Lauree Pass is a real life role model for anyone who thinks personal improvements are out of reach.Lauree
  3. Jason Galvin, 53, from Queensland, has completed 5 Challenges, and his personal achievements have even improved his relationships with his wife and his daughters. Before using the Isagenix system, Jason’s work schedule included a lot of travel away from home. Being away from home so much meant that his meals often consisted of poor nutritional choices and his daily routines included little or no real exercise routines. The results of so much traveling left Jason tired, stressed out, and grumpy when he was at home.

    After being on the Isagenix system, Jason’s zest for live, weight management, and good physical fitness all improved. The grumpiness is gone, he is no longer stressed out and tired at the end of the day, and he is now closer than ever with his family. In addition to being a positive role model for his family, the entire family now exercises together. Not only is Jason feeling good, he is definitely looking good.
    Jasons IsaBody Results
  4. Perri Tregellas, 44, from Victoria, has completed an impressive 7 Challenges, even after experiencing a back injury during her 6th Challenge. A real trouper, Perri used positive motivation and began adding the pre-workout supplement AMPED into her training sessions. They both proved effective and Perri reached her fitness, body shape, and strength goals.

    Perri credits the power of a positive mind, the fortitude of internal strength, and the support of her IsaBody Challenge community as the pillars that keep her inspired to maintain all of the great results that she has been able to achieve. Perri looks forward to her daily workout routines and thoroughly enjoys being an inspiration to others. Yes, Perri, you are a shining role model and we congratulate you on all that you have achieved and all that you will continue to achieve.
    Perri in the IsaBody Challenge
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