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2019 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winners!

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Just a few weeks ago, 18 IsaBody Challenge Finalists anxiously awaited the announcement of the Grand Prize Winners of Australia and New Zealand’s IsaBody Challenge 2019.

In front of a hyped up, deafening crowd of over 5,000 people, Australia’s Grand Prize Award went to…

Thomas Philbin-Malucelli of New South Wales!

Thomas Philbin Malucelli Isabody Champion


Why Did Thomas Choose Isagenix?

Swarmed by his fellow finalists and surrounded by fireworks, the shocked restaurant manager couldn’t even utter a word.

He recalled how his girlfriend had to “drag” him to the celebration last year instead of letting him sleep in. But one day, when discussing their future, she gave him a choice — step up and take control of his health and fitness or let her move on to someone that would.

Thomas immediately jumped into the IsaBody Challenge and committed to changing his life forever. Enthusiastically, he insists that if he can do it “then all of you guys can do this too! I’m so glad to be here representing what’s possible.”

Thomas also gave a shout out to the IsaBody Challenge community for all of the support and encouragement. He also received a FaceTime call from someone special to him — his very proud mother.


New Zealand’s First Winner Is…

Let’s not forget about the other Grand Prize Winner — New Zealand! Give a big congrats to New Zealand’s first ever IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner…

Ruka Te Moana!

Ruka Te Moana Grand Prize Winner

As pumped as he was to be the official champion of the challenge, Ruke almost immediately called attention to the other deserving finalists he shared the stage with.

He went on to express his gratitude for all the other finalists who had “been a source of inspiration for me all week so let’s give it up for them!”. He continued that no one would have made it without the support from “all the partners, children and parents back home who” helped push us to reach our potential and be our best.

Before leaving, he told the excited crowd that “no road to success ever travels in a straight line”, including his road. But he kept with it, stayed the course, and claimed the prize! “Look at where I am now”, he exclaimed. What an inspiration!


Are You Our Next Grand Prize Winner?

As if winning the Grand Prize or being selected as a finalist wasn’t already exciting enough, Isagenix raised the stakes this year by bumping up the finalist’s checks to $4,000 each and the winning cheque to $15,000!

Have these stories left you feeling inspired and envisioning yourself on the stage accepting the Grand Prize Award? Register today for the IsaBody Challenge and learn exactly how to transform your life and body in just 16 weeks.