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Brisbane Isagenix Celebration 2015 Recap

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The annual Isagenix Celebration is over for another year—and what an event it was! Over 6,000 associates attended this year’s event in Brisbane for product information, business training, exclusive parties, to meet like-minded people and have the best few days of their lives.

Here’s a recap of some of the major points from Isagenix Celebration 2015:


The Growth of Isagenix

  1. Isagenix is now the #1 network marketing company in Australia. That’s right – they are now beating the established network marketing brands that have been in Australia for decades, and they only opened the Australian market in 2009!
  2. Isagenix sales grew by 61% in the first 3 quarters in 2014. In comparison, Nu Skin decreased by 8%, Usana up 6% and Herbalife up 8%.
  3. In 2014, Isagenix sales grew by 338% in Australia. New Zealand did even better—growing a massive 788%!
  4. The number of active members (worldwide) increased from 258,000 to 433,000 in 2014
  5. In just their 13th year in existence, Isagenix revenue is on track to reach $1bn in 2015 alone
  6. In 2015 Isagenix will pay out over $30m in incentives and promotions (up from $24m in 2014).
  7. Indonesia will open for business later this year. Who do you know in Indonesia that could be a valuable asset to your business?
  8. There are now 137 millionaires in Isagenix (9 in Australia and New Zealand)
  9. 63 people have already maxed out their business and achieved Platinum status
  10. By 2025 80% of Australians will be overweight or obese. Our children are first generation in history to have a shorter life expectancy. The time to act is now!
Isagenix Celebration Recognition Cheque


Exciting New Products in the Australia and New Zealand Market

  1. Isagenix Greens are now available! Spirulina, chlorella, milk thistle and many more of nature’s superfoods are packed into these tasty on-the-go packets. Isagenix Greens are gluten free and supplement your recommended daily requirement of 3-5 servings of vegetables to help support your immune system and digestive systems. They can be enjoyed with water or mixed into your favourite Isagenix shake.
  2. Isagenix Product B IsaGenesis will soon be available in Australia and New Zealand. Compared to the existing Product B, IsaGenesis has:
    1. 20% more active ingredients
    2. Ingredients have been added to enhance absorption
    3. Supports liver, kidney and brain health, cell integrity and healthy circulation
    4. It’s now a softgel – making it easier to swallow
  3. IsaLean Shake packets will soon be available for Australian and New Zealand customers. With the same nutritional content, these packets will make your shakes easier to transport—and a great way to share Isagenix with friends, family and prospects.

Isagenix GreensIsagenix Isagenesis Now Available


2014 IsaBody Grand Prize Winner Announced

Congratulations to Justin Rigby who took home the 2014 IsaBody Grand Prize and the $10,000 winner’s cheque! Justin lost 11kg of fat, put on lean muscle (lots of it!) and now looks years younger than he did before. At the age of 43, he now looks better than he did in his 30s! Well done Justin, the category winners and everyone that entered the IsaBody Challenge—you are an inspiration to all of us.

For more information on the IsaBody Challenge and how you can change your life for the better, visit the IsaBody Challenge Australia website.

IsaBody Grand Prize Winner


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