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3 New Products Added to the Isagenix Range

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Brand New Isagenix Products

As premiered at the Isagenix Celebration in Brisbane, there are now three new products that have become permanently available to our Australia and New Zealand customers. These tasty products add more variety to your Cleanse Days selections, as well as providing you with the physical boost and mental sharpness desired during your workouts, throughout your daily activities, and for all of our healthy maintenance programs.

The best news? They are now available, are in stock, and ready for orders. So, what are these new products that have the Isagenix community so excited?


1.) Chocolate Mint Flavour IsaLean Shakes

IsaLean Shake Choc MintYes, the Chocolate Mint flavour has been available as a seasonal flavour, but Isagenix heard your demand to have this delicious flavour available permanently. The Chocolate Mint shakes have all of the same healthy, nutritional supplements as every one of our other flavourful IsaLean shakes. And, like all of our shake family selections, this new delectable, tongue pleasing sensation makes a perfect meal replacement choice. One serving will make this IsaLean shake a must-have stable for every chocolate lover.

The 826g canister size of Chocolate Mint has 14 x 2 scoop servings, and the boxes contains 14 individual, go anywhere, packet servings. Whether a serving is 2 scoops or one packet, there are only 240 calories that are loaded with good proteins, fats, fibres, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamins and essential adaptogens.


2.) Thai Sweet Chilli Flavour Harvest Thins

Harvest ThinsIntroducing our totally new, mouth pleasing Harvest Thins. It is almost unbelievable that this crispy, crunchy snack can satisfy so many cravings all at one time. Craving for a crunchy sensation: done. Craving for a dairy free snack: done. Craving for a wholesome, low calorie, protein packed, hunger curbing snack: done. Craving for a spicy sweet snack: done. Craving for that little, something special to make cleanse days a real snap: done.

The delicious flavour and crunchy indulgence is to be savoured one thin at a time and it makes a super weight management snack on those frequent cleanse days. There are several individual, go anywhere, packets in a box.


3.) Lemon Lime Flavour EShots

Eshots in Lemon LimeYou don’t have to be a sports fanatic to love energy drinks. Our Informed-Sport Certified energy shots provide that extra boost of physical and mental alertness that fights fatigue and gets you through the day. And now, we have added a very popular flavour, Lemon Lime.

As with the delicious Raspberry flavour, the new Lemon Lime energy shots contain the same high level nutritional blend of adaptogens and caffeine that is extracted from plant based yerba mate and green tea. There are six bottles in each box. The small 60ml bottles are the perfect size to take with you for a quick pick-me-up anytime you need it, and it fits easily into any pocket, backpack, or purse.

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