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The Best Way to Use Isagenix Products to Lose Weight for Summer

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Weight loss in time for summer

Isagenix nutritional cleansing products have become one of the most popular and effective weight loss methods since the line’s introduction in 2002.

In particular, two of the company’s products have proven to be among the most popular among people who aim to shed weight efficiently and quickly: the Isagenix Weight Loss Premium Pack, and the Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss System.

Each has its advantages and unique features, so it is helpful to examine each one in closer detail. We’ll begin with a view of how Isagenix works in general, what some of the program’s advantages are and then compare the two key products side by side.

What Does the Isagenix Weight Loss Program Look Like?

The company’s weight loss products all work on the same key principle of lowering the overall daily calorie intake with meal replacement choices that are both nutritional and clinically tested for effectiveness. It’s more than that, however. Isagenix products assist in removing unwanted toxins from the body. This process is known as nutritional cleansing.

It is a simple, direct meal replacement program that has been created specifically for consumers who wish to drop unwanted kilograms. Users choose from various shakes, supplemental foods, tonics, small snacks and other components of a typical daily eating regimen.

The Products:

Isagenix makes an assortment of weight loss and health-related products in addition to those mentioned above. Each of the main weight loss products is sold as a stand-alone pack designed for a specific purpose. The Weight Loss Premium Pack, for example, is geared for people who need to lose more than 10 Kg, while the 30-day and 9-day packs are for those who are looking to lose less weight and/or maintain the losses they have already achieved.

Shakes: The company’s IsaLean shakes are offered in three varieties: non-dairy, regular, and kosher. Each one of the shake drinks includes between 24 and 36 protein grams alongside a balanced portion of fibre, carbs, and fat.

Isalean Shakes

Snacks/Bars: This product category contains a wide assortment of sweet treats, small snacks and meal-replacement bars, all of which are nutrient-fortified.

There’s a treat called IsaDelight that contains real chocolate combined with green tea extract and several antioxidants. The IsaLean bar is the standard meal-replacement component of the program. It contains 18 grams of protein. A vegetarian snack called Harvest Thins combines protein derived from peas with 11 grams of protein in a 100 calorie snack.

Supplements: The five primary supplements within the Isagenix meal plans include:
Isagenix Ultimate Pack

  1. IsaOmega Supreme, designed to deliver a trio of fatty acids to enhance brain, joint and heart wellness.
  2. Boosters that are meant to be added to any shake for additional nutrition. Immune Booster and Heart Booster are the key members of this category.
  3. Ageless Actives: This supplement brings a dose of CoQ10 and resveratrol into the diet.
  4. IsaPro: 18 grams of protein per serving in this powder made from whey protein.Complete Essentials: This is a twice-per-day multivitamin.
  5. Non-shake Beverages: There are at least a half-dozen members of this sub-category, including products named Cleanse for Life, AMPED Hydrate, e+ Energy Shot, Natural Accelerator, Isagenix Coffee, and Isagenix Supreme.

What are the Main Advantages of Isagenix for Weight Loss?

There are numerous advantages to the Isagenix weight loss system.

Some of the key points are outlined below:

  • Variety: The entire program consists of days that are either devoted to meal supplementation or a cleanse, during which very little food is taken. The shakes are meant to take the place of two of a day’s standard meals, with the third meal being the person’s choice among healthy foods but not to exceed 600 calories.
  • Hunger alleviation: When hunger strikes, and it always seems to do so during initial weight loss, the Isagenix programs allow for the use of supplements and one or two snacks throughout the day.
  • Cleanse days are a smart way of teaching the body that it can live off its own resources, so to speak, for a short period. Cleanse periods are basically another form of intermittent fasting and are an important part of the overall Isagenix weight loss system.
  • The end is not the end: Program participants who want to lose more weight even when the initial 30-days is over can opt to simply repeat the process for additional weight loss.
  • The Isagenix plan assists the body with achieving a balanced, healthy metabolic rate. It also has the ability to make the entire digestive system more efficient.
  • Allowing for one healthful, non-program meal per day is an ingenious feature of the system because it helps dieters to feel less restricted in their general food choices and not tied to a bare-bones program that is overly regimented. Even people who have a sweet tooth won’t have to face an entire month without their favorite flavor.
  • Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Isagenix plan is that it works. Most people who use it as directed can see results within a week or less, while those who stick it out for the entire month typically look and feel much better, and lighter, for having used the program.


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Comparing the Weight Loss Premium Pack and the 30 Day Weight Loss System

Two of the most popular choices for Isagenix enthusiasts include the Weight Loss Premium Pack and the 30 Day Weight Loss System. Here’s how they stack up in comparison:

Weight Loss Premium Pack

Weight Loss Premium PackFor people who want to lose more than 10 Kg, this pack is highly recommended.

The Weight Loss Premium Pack contains everything needed for a standard 30-day program and much more. It is the top-selling weight-loss pack the company offers.

In addition to four canisters of shakes, two tubs of Cleanse for Life, one each of Ionix Supreme, Natural Accelerator, Isagenix Snacks, IsaFlush, there are two boxes of E-shots, an IsaBlender, the instructional booklet, a year’s membership, a $50 event coupon, Whey Thins, IsaDelight Chocolates, and IsaLean bars.

30 Day Weight Loss System

30 day systems The 30 Day Weight Loss System is a smart way to lose weight fast and keep it off for the summer. This product is one of the best-selling items of the entire Isagenix line of weight loss and nutritional items.

This is a total nutritional cleansing program that contains everything a person needs for “shake days” and “cleanse days.” The third meal of the day can be anything you want as long as it’s healthful and under 600 calories.

The package contains shakes, Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life, Natural Accelerator, Isagenix Snacks, and IsaFlush, as well as a detailed instructional booklet.


The Isagenix weight-loss system is both effective and realistic for consumers who wish to shed unwanted weight in a reasonably short amount of time. The program is safe, nutrient-balanced, and offers enough variety of eating and drinking choices to deter hunger and boredom.

Depending on a person’s particular preference, either the Weight Loss Premium Pack or the 30 Day Weight Loss System is a good starting point.

Note: Always speak with a health professional before starting any weight loss program and make sure to get proper sleep and physical activity every day.

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