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Amazing Transformations in the IsaBody Challenge!

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IsaBody Transformations

Isagenix have just announced their IsaBody Challenge round 2 finalists. The results below can only be described as simply amazing! From massive weight loss to a huge increase in lean muscle mass, the IsaBody Challenge proves there’s an Isagenix solution for everyone’s health and fitness goals.

Did you know the Isagenix Challenge is FREE for Isagenix associates and you get a $200 Isagenix product voucher? Learn more about the Isagenix Challenge here.


Adam N.

Age: 25
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Gained: 8kg of lean muscle

Adams Isagenix ResultsAdam’s father drilled into him from a young age that strength was a necessity that he lacked. Adam dreamed of being the best version of himself and would often purchase health magazines to learn more about getting fit.

After hearing stories of others who completed their 16 week Isagenix IsaBody Challenge, Adam signed up. To keep himself accountable, he documented the entire process on Facebook (including his gruelling gym schedule).

How has the IsaBody Challenge changed Adam? — “I have a new-found sense of worth and accomplishment that I didn’t know possible. I believe the Isagenix IsaBody Challenge can gift these feelings to everybody and I’ll spend the rest of my life sharing it with the world.”


Sarah M.

Age: 34
Location: Rangiora, New Zealand
Gained: 1kg of lean muscle (and 28kg weight loss)

Sarah Before and AfterThroughout Sarah’s life, self-esteem issues were a constant battle (mainly due to severe bullying during high school). After developing unhealthy habits, Sarah wanted to make a fresh start and moved to Australia where she met her husband.

Sarah soon turned to food as a vice and struggled with two high risk pregnancies due to her weight. After the birth of her children, Sarah knew she had to change.

Sarah took part in her first IsaBody Challenge as a way to boost her confidence again. After completing three IsaBody Challenges, she has lost a total of 28kg. “Thanks to the IsaBody Challenge, I am truly happy and whole for the first time in my life. I’m wealthy in my family and health beyond what I ever imagined possible.”


Rachelle P.

Age: 33
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Weight Lost: 22kg

Rachelle IsaBody FinalistWhen Rachelle’s dissatisfaction with her physical appearance began to affect her marriage, she knew it was time to make a positive change. Feeling unhappy and lethargic was Rachelle’s norm and as a result of her low confidence, she began to take it out on those around her.

After following Adam N.’s IsaBody Challenge journey on Facebook, Rachelle was inspired and knew the accountability involved with the IsaBody Challenge would help her to stay on track and improve her overall health.

Within days of joining the Challenge, Rachelle began to notice her energy levels increasing. As healthy habits developed, she began to feel happy for the first time in a long time. She began to rebuild her confidence from the inside out as she smashed her health goals – and her relationship with her husband flourished because of her positive mindset.

In Rachelle’s own words — “I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished and I can’t believe this is now my new normal! I am so thankful for what the IsaBody Challenge has motivated me to accomplish and for the incredible community that comes part of it.”


Raymond M.

Age: 31
Location: Victoria, Australia
Weight Lost: 42kg

Raymonds Weight LossRaymond had always struggled with his weight, admitting to a poor diet that saw him put on weight over a number of years. Introduced to Isagenix after seeing amazing results achieved by his brother-in-law, Raymond made a decision to change his unhealthy habits.

After the first week of the IsaBody Challenge, Raymond felt positive changes and couldn’t wait to see more results. Now as one of our newest 100 Pound Club members having released over 45kgs since starting Isagenix, Raymond is proud to say that he is no longer a tired and grumpy dad. His increased energy allows him to spend more time playing with his son, Koby.

Raymond’s take on the Challenge — “I may have finished my first 16 week challenge however this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to keep smashing goals and see what the future holds for me.”






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Brad Russell

Brad is a passionate health and fitness lover. His credentials include:
  • Top Isagenix Enroller Worldwide
  • Member of the Isagenix START 1000 Club
  • Graduated from University of Western Australia

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