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e+ Shots Make Workouts a Breeze [Product Spotlight]

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Athletes Turn to Isagenix

LindsayHigh-performance athletes around the world turn to Isagenix for their fitness solutions. With an array of products that provide a natural energy boost, it’s no wonder that Isagenix has become particularly popular among endurance athletes. Products like Replenish and Ionix Supreme can be found in the pantries of professional athletes and adventurers across the globe (you can see some of the 100s of Isagenix athletes here).

One of Isagenix’s most popular products for physical fitness is also one of the easiest to add to your workout routine. Power-packed e+ Shots provide a boost of energy to get you through even the most strenuous workout. These shots combine three natural sources of energy; caffeine, green tea and yerba mate, for an instant boost in power and endurance.


What are the Effects of E+ Energy Shots?

Isagenix E-Shot in RaspberryIsagenix athletes have reported using e+ Shots to help get through long-distance cardio workouts as well as high-intensity interval workouts. The rush of e+ Shots can be felt immediately without the jitters or anxiety usually associated with a high dose of caffeine. Perfect for a workout, you won’t feel any effects of a ‘crash’ that would typically be experienced after a large cup of coffee. Instead, you’ll be ready to transition from an intense workout to a typical workday.

At just 35 calories per dose, the e+ Shot provides natural fuel without adding any unnecessary calories to your daily intake. And unlike many energy shots on the market, you won’t have to plug your nose while you drink it! The e+ Shot is now available in a delicious raspberry flavor; the taste of the shot is as enjoyable as the boost it provides. You’ll have to resist the temptation to drink more – Isagenix recommends a maximum of two e+ Shots per day, and never more than one at the same time.


Try Isagenix E+ Shots Today!

Try the e+ Shot today and experience the fuel that’s been powering high-performance athletes throughout Australia and around the world!

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