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Isagenix Product B IsaGenesis is Now Available in Australia and NZ

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Isagenix Product B IsaGenesis Now Available


Isagenix Product B IsaGenesis Now Available!

The latest product in the Isagenix range—Isagenix Product B IsaGenesis—is here! What’s great about this new and exciting product? It has:

  • 20% more active ingredients
  • Ingredients added to enhance absorption


This 4th generation of Product B is a scientifically-advanced formula of complex botanicals and vitamins that has been designed to aid in the reduction of oxidative stress and help support your telomere health. The new softgel capsule improves absorption within your body for better delivery to cells!


How Can I Purchase the New Isagenix Product B?

Australian and New Zealand customers will be able to purchase Isagenix Product B IsaGenesis in existing packs or individually.

You will notice a slight price adjustment to accommodate for Product B IsaGenesis; please refer to the latest price lists for more details. The following Isagenix Paks have also been updated with Product B IsaGenesis:


All Australian and NZ customers with autoship and pack orders that contain Isagenix Product B will now update to Product B IsaGenesis automatically.

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