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How Isagenix Changes Lives

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Isagenix is about more than just changing waistlines. With the Isagenix program, positive changes occur in the mirror as well as the mind.

Countless stories demonstrate the potential ways Isagenix can transform lives from low-energy, drained, and stressed to vibrant, energetic, and bursting with health. Read on to hear just a few of these transformations from people who have experienced life-changing results with Isagenix.



Lisa an Isagenix IsaBody FinalistAfter becoming a mum, Lisa found it hard just to get through the day. With little sleep to run on, Lisa felt weak and exhausted. When her first child was a year old, she became pregnant with her second. She worried as to how she would keep up with two children under two when she could barely keep up with one.

In preparation for the impending life changes, Lisa reflected on who she had recently become and admitted that she had lost her “fire”. She wondered where her “creativity, productiveness and overall happiness had gone.” She knew she had to make changes, both for herself and for the sake of her children.

Seeing her partner experience excellent results with Isagenix fueled Lisa to try it for herself. Three months after having her second child, she dove into the program and quickly noticed positive changes in her energy. She marveled at the fact that she still felt energised even after being “up 15 times” the previous night.

In addition to losing an impressive 10 kg, Lisa enjoys having her confidence, passion, and creativity back. She notes feeling healthier and happier than ever and is “so grateful” to the Isagenix system. Moving forward, Lisa plans to further shape her body by building additional lean muscle.



Having always struggled with his weight, Raymond admitted to relying on energy drinks and coffee just to stay alert. After being introduced to Isagenix by his brother-in-law – who had experience exceptional results with the system – Raymond decided to adopt healthier habits.

Although he had followed several popular fad diets in the past, he never achieved long-term results from any of them. While he was concerned Isagenix might just be another fad diet, he went all in.

Within a week, Raymond was enjoying positive changes, the biggest ones being a surge in confidence and a more positive mindset. He also lost a staggering 55 kg through the IsaBody Challenge!

Unlike the exhausted, cranky dad he used to be, he is now bursting with the energy he needs to keep up with his son.



Fernandas Amazing ResultsFor IsaBody Challenge Finalist Fernanda, the program is no longer about “how much weight I’ve lost” or how her abs look, but about the complete transformation in her life. She exclaims that she is now stronger, both mentally and physically.

Not only is Fernanda happy with what she sees in the mirror, she also has a newfound appreciation for her high energy levels.


Donna B.

As a single mother, Donna felt an immense amount of responsibility. A 21 kg weight gain during her pregnancy left her low on confidence and stuck in a rut of unhealthy habits. She realized she did not want to remain “in a place of negativity” since it was more about just her now, it was about her daughter. She set a goal to become the best role model possible.

Having previously enjoyed success with the IsaBody Challenge a few years prior, she decided that committing to the program for the second time was the ideal place to start her transformation.

Determined to fit in her daily workouts, she refused to let having a baby be an excuse. If she had to, she’d get creative and include her daughter in her workouts by doing “baby-weighted squats” and other fun exercises.

Uploading a “before” picture to Facebook helped build an online presence to keep her accountable and help inspire other parents to get healthy as well.

Beyond her physical transformation, Donna created an entirely new lifestyle filled with healthy habits. She formed “new daily habits” that she could use for the long-term. Soon enough, she was feeling “confident, calmer, and happier” in addition to weighing 10.7 kgs less than when she started! She is most proud of the positive example she is setting for her daughter.



Isagenix has helped Lachlan feel better than ever. The excellent nutrition, weekly cleansing, and consistent training “really lights me up”, exclaims Lachlan. The program has allowed him to get leaner and reignite his passion for nutrition and exercise.

Lachlans Fitness Results

While weight loss is often a welcome result of the Isagenix program for most people, the transformations go even further. Increased energy, improved mental clarity, and a boost in self-esteem are just some of the possible benefits of including Isagenix as part of your lifestyle.

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Brad Russell

Brad is a passionate health and fitness lover. His credentials include:
  • Top Isagenix Enroller Worldwide
  • Member of the Isagenix START 1000 Club
  • Graduated from University of Western Australia

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