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All NEW Isagenix Packs are Here!

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New Isagenix Packs

Isagenix is one of the most successful nutritional supplement companies in the world, so there was little room for improvement. However, in its never-ending quest to make customers as healthy and wealthy as possible, Isagenix has recently launched its most anticipated initiative to date: Customer First. With the introduction of several new packs, Isagenix have now made it even easier than possible to obtain your weight loss, energy and performance, healthy ageing or wealth creation goals.

Are you excited yet? You should be! Here’s a glimpse at the key new packs now available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

There are now 5 main categories to purchase from:

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Premium Pack (previously called the President’s Pak)

Weight Loss Premium PackThe biggest and best pack for weight loss. We recommend using the Premium Pack for your first month, then moving to the smaller 30 Day Weight Loss System for subsequent months. Known previously as the President’s Pak, the Weight Loss Premium Pack is developed to nourish your body with optimal nutrition and help you reach your health goals. Designed as the ultimate starter kit, it includes the wildly popular 30 Day Weight Loss System and plenty of extras to get your weight loss journey off on the right track.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $559.91

Full Retail Price: $790.84

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30 Day Weight Loss System (previously called the 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse)

Weight Loss SystemThe 30 Day Weight Loss System makes a terrific introduction to all that Isagenix has to offer. Designed as a flexible long-term program to help you achieve long-lasting results, it provides you with a month’s supply of premium nutrition. Watch your waist and your grocery receipt shrink in half with this system.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $358.61

Full Retail Price: $504.16

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Energy Premium Pack (new pack!)

Energy Premium PackThe Energy Premium Pack is designed to provide your body with the performance-enhancing nutrients it needs to make the most out of each and every workout. An ideal choice for active individuals, athletes, and anyone who takes their fitness seriously, it’s the ultimate suite of products to take your performance to the next level.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $556.60

Full Retail Price: $786.04

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30 Day Energy System (new pack!)

30 Day Energy SystemSimilar to the Energy Premium Pack but with a few less products, the 30 Day Energy System is designed for those finishing up their first 30 days with another program and looking to continue seeing results. The pack offers all of the premium protein and nutrition you need for optimal energy, strength, and performance for an entire 30 days.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $317.90

Full Retail Price: $447.17

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Performance Premium Pack (new pack!)

Performance Premium PackGet serious results from your workouts! Combines Pro shakes, energy products and more. 1000s of professional atheletes and casual gym junkies alike take Isagenix products for increased lean muscle mass, more strength and increased performance.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $600.60

Full Retail Price: $847.25

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30 Day Performance System (new pack!)

30 Day Performance SystemThis brand new suite of Isagenix products is designed for those looking to continue achieving fitness and performance results after completing their first month with Isagenix. Perfect for maintaining results and achieving new ones, the 30 Day Performance System is packed with products offering the highest quality protein and nutrition to meet and exceed your performance needs.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $317.90

Full Retail Price: $447.17

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Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing Premium Pack (new pack!)

Healthy Ageing Premium PackThe Healthy Ageing Premium Pack is ideal for anyone focused on achieving the long-term health benefits of healthy ageing. From improved energy and mood to weight loss and younger looking skin, it has everything you need to look and feel your absolute best.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $579.70

Full Retail Price: $818.43

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30 Day Healthy Ageing System (new pack!)

30 Day Healthy Ageing SystemDesigned for those looking to experience the fantastic results of Isagenix’s healthy ageing products for the very first time, the 30 Day Healthy Ageing System supports youthful ageing, higher energy levels, a leaner body, and a healthier overall lifestyle.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $382.80

Full Retail Price: $538.36

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Wealth Creation

Ultimate Pack (new pack!)

Ultimate PackThe Ultimate Pack is an entirely new pack designed specifically for wealth creation. Complete with a huge assortment of Isagenix’s most popular products to share with anyone you like, it has everything you need to grow your Isagenix business.

Sign Up with IsaTonic and Save: $737.00

Full Retail Price: $1,041.04

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Discontinued Packs

The Customer First Initiative has resulted in a lot of positive changes and new offerings for customers and Associates to choose from. However, in order to make room for new packs and to better align with Isagenix’s revamped customer focused approach, a few packs were discontinued, such as:

  1. 30 Day Starter Pak
  2. Healthy Lifestyle Pak
  3. Youthful Ageing Pak


Change Is a Good Thing

While these changes may seem a bit startling for some of you Isagenix faithful out there, they’re intended to make it easier for customers and produce better customer experiences. Therefore, some of the old packs have been replaced with new and improved versions.

At IsaTonic, we’re thrilled about these changes and our primary aim is to enhance every customer’s Isagenix experience, including yours. By embracing these changes and sharing them with everyone on your team, you’ll be better prepared to ride the tidal wave of success Isagenix so selflessly creates!



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