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A Whey Better Breakfast

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Woman Enjoying High Whey Protein Breakfast“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

We’ve all heard this old adage time and time again, and it’s true in more ways than one. However, you don’t have to go all out with eggs, bacon, ham, muffins, scones, granola, cereal, or several of the other breakfast staples. In fact, a large breakfast can actually hinder your health and weight loss efforts.

How so, you ask? Well, the truth is mornings aren’t the time to eat a large meal. Constipation occurs due to improper meal timing and poor diet, which affects your body’s ability to properly eliminate waste. When you wake up, your body is naturally in elimination or detoxification mode, and regular morning elimination is a sign of an optimal metabolism.

Since stress impairs digestion and most people are always rushing to work or school in the mornings, their bodies are unable to completely process and eliminate a large morning meal. The solution: whey protein of course!


Importance of a Quality, Well-Timed Breakfast

Several studies point to the morning as being the best time for exercise. Not only does working out in the morning make it easier for you to avoid excuses and stick to a regular exercise routine, but it revs up your system and prepares it for the day ahead.

However, you need to fuel your body with a quality breakfast first. Morning exercise and a small, healthy breakfast are two of the most critically important health and weight loss strategies.

Unfortunately, even those who exercise in the morning often make the mistake of overeating and loading up on carbs in order to boost their energy and athletic performance. This is a big mistake. “Carb-loading” on bagels, pancakes, scones, muffins, or cereal for breakfast will result in “hitting the wall” and inevitably crashing afterwards.

The key is to consume at least 20 grams of premium whey protein before and after exercising. In addition to keeping your energy levels up and allowing you to get the most out of each workout, this will also increase muscle growth and fat loss.

Isagenix IsaLean and IsaLean PRO Shakes contain the best whey protein science and nature has to offer. So, a shake before and/or after your morning exercises is the absolute best way to reach your weight loss and performance goals.


The Science Behind Whey Protein

Strawberry and Banana ShakeWhey is a superior source of protein. Due to its absorption kinetics and amino acid composition, it’s simply a better protein option than casein, soy, tuna, or egg protein as a dietary supplement. Whey protein powder is a milk byproduct, and it also results in reduced glucose spikes and greater satiety after meals than the other protein sources just mentioned.

Casein protein, which is another popular form of protein used in many dietary supplements, has fewer branched chain amino acids than whey protein, and it’s less soluble in the stomach as well. This means whey protein speeds up the digestion process. Thanks to this and its higher amino acid plasma concentrations, whey is a preferred protein source proven to provide a number of nutritional benefits.

Whey protein has also been shown to enhance the secretion of insulin and incretin hormone, both of which slow gastric emptying and reduce energy consumption and appetite.

To confirm this suggestion, a recent Endocrine Society study was performed in which 48 overweight participants averaging 59 years of age were placed on three very different diets with the same caloric intake.

The participants all ate at the same time and ate the same amount of calories for 23 months. However, what they ate for breakfast, how much they ate, and the protein sources were different amongst the groups. One group ate breakfasts high in starches and carbohydrates. Another group ate breakfasts containing protein from eggs, tuna, soy, and other non-whey sources. The third group enjoyed shakes containing whey protein for breakfast.

After three months, the group who consumed protein shakes for breakfast lost the most weight. In fact, on average they lost 7.6 kilos, while the group eating other protein sources for breakfast lost 6.1 kilos and the carb group lost 3.1 kilos. The whey protein participants also enjoyed lower glucose spikes and felt less hungry and more satiated after meals than the other two groups.

This study clearly shows the importance of choosing a premium whey protein shake for breakfast each day, and when it comes to whey protein shakes, none are better than IsaLean.


IsaLean Shakes – The Breakfast of Champions

Put the Vegemite and toast away. A great breakfast should consist of great protein. Whey protein is easily absorbed and fast-acting. The premium whey protein used in IsaLean Shakes comes from hormone-free cows that freely graze New Zealand’s emerald grasses.

To produce nothing but the purest un-denatured whey protein isolate, Isagenix uses a cold extraction method, resulting in a premium product with an extremely high protein content and none of the fat, sugar, and cholesterol typically found in other protein sources. IsaLean Shakes and the premium protein they contain truly are your best breakfast option.

Benefits of Isagenix Shakes


Bottom Line

Knowing these facts, there should no longer be any question as to what to eat for breakfast. Research, science, and studies clearly show nothing beats the nutritional value of whey protein shakes. The question is, do you want to eat a healthy breakfast and lose weight or not? The choice is yours to make, so choose wisely. Choose Isagenix!




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