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5 Inspirational Isagenix Athletes to Learn From

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Isagenix is the preferred line of nutritional products for millions of everyday people around the world. However, Isagenix doesn’t just fuel the workouts of fitness enthusiasts; Isagenix is also the health company of choice for some of the world’s top athletes.

Even professional athletes and Olympic medalists need help with their endurance and recovery. Like you, these inspiring sports heroes use Isagenix for their health and wellness needs.


1. Luis Alvarez

If you’ve ever wondered whether there are any limits to the endurance benefits of Isagenix, look no further than Ironman Triathlete Luis Alvarez. Alvarez is a legend in one of the most brutal endurance sports that there is; an Ironman Triathlon requires competitors to run a full marathon after also completing a 2.4-mile swim and 112-mile bike course. However, Alvarez is legendary not for completing one Ironman race, but for completing one hundred races.

Alvarez’s favorite Isagenix products include IsaLean Bars, which he uses to provide fuel for grueling workouts.


2. Natalie Cook

Beach volleyball star Natalie Cook is one of the most recognisable Olympic heroes in Australian history. Together with partners Kerri Pottharst and Nicole Sanderson, Cook competed in five Summer Olympic games and took home the gold medal at home in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. After completing her competitive career, Cook turned to Isagenix to help stay in top physical condition; she uses Isagenix products for weight loss and to fuel her workouts. Natalie Cook is also an inspiration when it comes to running an Isagenix business, as she achieved the rank of Crystal Executive within just two years of starting her company.

Australias Olympic Hero Natalie Cook

Australia’s Olympic Hero: Natalie Cook


3. Tony Mandarich

Drafted second in the 1989 NFL Draft, Tony Mandarich had a lengthy professional football career in which he played offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts. Ten years after his retirement, Mandarich discovered Isagenix to help with his strength conditioning. He now uses the new Isagenix AMPED range to get the most out of his workouts. Like Natalie Cook, Tony Mandarich is also an Isagenix entrepreneur; his monthly Isagenix income exceeds $10,000 to go on top of his multiple entrepreneurial ventures.


4. Jeremy Affeldt

Long-time MLB pitcher Jeremy Affeldt retired in 2014 after his third World Series title with the San Francisco Giants. With stringent testing for illicit supplements and health products, Affeldt knew that he could count on Isagenix for a safe and legal endurance boost. Affeldt used IsaLean Pro Shakes to stay in peak physical condition for the long MLB season. Today, he uses Isagenix to maintain the physique of a professional athlete, and his family uses Isagenix products for their own health and wellness needs.

Three-time World Series Champion Jeremy Affeldt

Three-time World Series Champion Jeremy Affeldt


5. James White, Jr.

Like Jeremy Affeldt, professional golfer James White, Jr. uses IsaLean Pro Shakes to maintain his physical stamina for the PGA Tour. White joined the Tour in 2012 and posted an impressive Top 10 finish in only his second professional year. His noteworthy career also included an appearance at the Palmer Cup, representing the United States with some of the nation’s top college golfers. White understands the necessity for strength and endurance in professional sports, which is why he uses Isagenix products for his performance needs.

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