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Isagenix IsaPro is whey protein ideal for your healthy Isagenix lifestyle. IsaPro is perfect for fueling muscle growth, increasing the protein in your IsaLean Shake, or kick-starting your metabolism to overcome a weight-loss plateau.

IsaPro is so effective because its unprocessed, naturally healthy whey protein is more effective than other type of protein for burning fat cells and also for rebuilding muscles after a workout. Don’t believe us? Read this handy article we put together about the benefits of whey protein.

As an added bonus, Isagenix IsaPro works as a powerful antioxidant, boosting your body’s immune system. The multi-tasking, high-quality IsaPro protein is essential for:

  • Those wanting to boost their overall health
  • People trying to build lean muscle and help muscles recover quicker after workouts
  • People on weight loss programs

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Isagenix IsaPro: the best protein on the market. Hands down. Isagenix is used by 1000s of professional athletes worldwide including Jana Pittman (dual Olympian), countless NFL and NBA players, fitness competitors, bodybuilders and more. For more information on athletes using Isagenix, visit the Team Isagenix website.

Isagenix IsaPro Whey Protein Ingredients:

Isagenix IsaPro Whey Ingredient List
IsaPro can be used with other products such as Replenish for the Bedtime Belly Buster. Or, why not try the Pro Porridge recipe below:

Pro Porridge

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Isagenix IsaPro Product Information Sheet


Isagenix IsaPro

Isagenix IsaPro

Average customer rating: 5 (from 1 reviews)

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Reviews Stars

Love the bedtime belly buster!

I purchased the whey protein to try the bedtime belly buster. Was a bit sceptical but it worked! My stomach was much flatter in the morning! Plus this vanilla flavour tastes really nice, sometimes I have it instead of my normal shakes. Great with berries etc too
Nicole Miller, Perth - 30/01/2016