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Isagenix Cleanse for Life

Intermittent fasting with the assistance of botanical herbs has been practiced for centuries in eastern medicine and the western world is finally catching up. Originally formulated in 2002, Cleanse for Life is a powerful drink packed with ancient botanical herbs and is designed to be used as an aid to gently assist ridding the body of impurities during intermittent fasting (or Cleanse Days, as we like to call them), or any day on the Isagenix System.

  • Contains over 10 nourishing vitamins, herbs and botanicals
  • Supports the body’s natural detoxification process
  • Antioxidants to protect against the effects of oxidative stress
  • 30 calories per serve
  • Perfect for daily use or for weekly Cleanse Days
  • Natural ingredients with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • Ages 18+
  • Available in Peach Mango flavour and Natural Rich Berry flavour

Retail price: $67.00


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The Better Way to Nourish

The main function of the liver is to filter out nasties from the bloodstream and a healthy liver does a great job of that. But the liver wasn’t built with the modern world in mind. Daily cleansing and Cleanse Days lend a hand to your liver to help remove impurities and protect cells against oxidative stress.

Not Your Average ‘Detox’

Unlike many cleanses available today, Cleanse for Life contains no laxatives or diuretics. Using Cleanse for Life in conjunction with an Isagenix System helps move along your body’s natural detoxification process while making sure you stay nourished and balanced thanks to the botanical herbs.

The Flexibility of Intermittent Fasting

We don’t all have the same goals, schedules or priorities. When it comes to Cleanse Days, there are a couple of different ways to do it.

Daily Cleanse

Consume two scoops (one serving) of Cleanse for Life daily

  • Overall nourishment and better health
  • Overall nourishment and better health hello

Cleanse Day

One or two back-to-back Cleanse Days. Intermittent fasting is supported by up to 8 scoops (four serves) of Cleanse for Life while snacking on your choice of Cleanse-Day approved snacks throughout the day.

  • Overall weight maintenance
  • Cellular health
  • Immune function



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Isagenix Cleanse for Life
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Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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Cleanse for life tastes amazing. It is like a delicious raspberry Ribena without all the sugar and as a plus gets rid of all those nasty toxins. I have to stop drinking so much for enjoyment- I keep running out of the stuff!!
- Skye


I love Isagenix cleanse for life! It tastes so good and I felt so amazing after the first time I tried it. Definitely the best product I've tried so far.
- Ali

Love this stuff!

Always take cleanse for life away with me overseas. Works great when you've over eaten/too many drinks and need to catch up on your health a bit. Definitely worth the $50 or so, wouldn't go without!
- Dave

Do your body a favour

As a first time user of Isagenix Cleanse for life I am a 100% satisfied customer. It not only tastes great it makes you feel great from the inside out. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends.
- Sharon

Core of the Isagenix program

I am surpised this product doesn't have more it is really THAT good. I make sure I have mine (as a hot tea) every single morning without fail. Delicious and full of yummy goodness!
- Karlie


The Cleanse for Life tastes so good, I didn't dread taking it! I tried the product by itself without any package and felt better straight away!
- Jessica