Can I Drink Coffee Whilst On Isagenix?


Coffee on Isagenix – During Your Initial 30 Days

Isagenix E-Shot in RaspberryIf you are starting out on our first Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse, we strongly recommend you do not drink coffee on Isagenix. We understand the thought of this is hard for a lot of coffee lovers, but by eliminating coffee from your diet the process of nutritional cleansing (and thus weight loss) will occur a lot more efficiently.

Tip: To get your daily caffeine fix we recommend Isagenix E-Shots or herbal tea as the caffeine comes from natural sources such as yerba mate and green tea. Trust us – these shots are amazing and a much better option than drinking coffee on Isagenix!


Coffee During Your Maintenance Phase

Coffee on IsagenixIf you are using Isagenix as a maintenance program, coffee on Isagenix is an acceptable option. Of course, we recommend staying away from the sugary lattes and macchiatos that you might find at your local café. Check the label on whatever grounds or beans you might be using to make sure you’re avoiding harmful toxins and chemicals; those are exactly what you’re trying to avoid by using Isagenix!

Note: If you completing cleanse days on your maintenance plan, we recommend you do not drink coffee on Isagenix cleanse days. This will break the cleanse.


New Isagenix Coffee!

New Isagenix CoffeeThere is further good news for coffee drinkers – Isagenix has recently unveiled a line of premium coffees available in two different blends. Made from fairly traded beans and organic ingredients, Isagenix Coffee is a surefire way to know that you’re starting your morning with a healthy java.

As it was recently unveiled at Isagenix headquarters in the United States, Isagenix Coffee is not yet available in Australia or New Zealand. We look forward to offering this product soon; stay tuned for further developments!