Xavier Mirouze

Doctor of Chiropractic and owner at Sydney Wellness Chiropractic


I'm passionate to understand human behavior and my main purpose is to help as many people to achieve their full potential and a healthy nervous system through corrective and wellness chiropractic.

After 20 years of experience, in the chiropractic world, I have reached a level of expertise, whereby whatever your issue might be, I effectively can help you to get to the next level and tap into the infinite intelligence of your body, because the consciousness of the body has the absolute capacity to heal totally. I can help your body achieve this, with the various modalities I practice, from releasing and coping better with stress( level 3 NSA), correcting of your spinal( CBP chiropractic ) and helping through coaching ( Trainer of Dr.Demartini method and Tony Robbins University )One of the powerful modalities I practice is Network Chiropractic refers to Chiropractors who utilize Network Spinal Analysis, a profound totally gentle and honoring way to evaluate and adjust the spine.The purpose of Network Chiropractic care is to allow restoration of proper nerve function for full health expression and peak performance.


  • Apr 2015 - Present: Wellness doctor of Chiropractic and human behavior expert at Sydney Wellness Chiropractic
  • Feb 2013 - Present: Owner / President at The Chiropractic Alliance
  • Nov 2008 - Mar 2015: Wellness Associate Chiropractor at Sydney Chiro Care
  • Mar 2007 - Sep 2007: Associate at Tahiti chiropractic
  • Mar 2005 - Mar 2007: Internship at Chiropractic intern Life University