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Are you looking to lose weight and feel better than you ever have? Join the thousands of Isagenix users all over the world in slimming down and taking control of your health.

TIP: An excellent, popular program for beginners is the Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse.


How Does Isagenix Work?

Contrary to popular belief, losing weight does not have to involve starving, restricting numerous food groups, or consuming foods you do not even like. With Isagenix, delicious, creamy shakes (in a variety of flavours and even in dairy-free options) can be a regular part of your lifestyle along with yummy, slimming recipes like our top 10 recipes to slim down for summer.

Perhaps the best aspect of Isagenix is that it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change. Isagenix is not a quick fix that makes you miserable while you do it. Isagenix is an enjoyable plan designed to nourish the body, work with the body's natural cleansing system, and fuel the body with the nutrients it needs for optimal performance.

Isagenix works on the principle of nutritional cleansing. By fasting for periods during the week, you're eliminating built up toxins that can lead to poor health, weight gain, decreased energy and more.

Isagenix users also report more than just weight loss. Benefits such as increased energy, improved sleep, and better performance are just a few of the reasons to incorporate Isagenix into your life. If you are ready to take control of your health and weight, contact us today for more information.

Weight loss in time for summer
Posted on by Kristyn Rawson

The Best Way to Use Isagenix Products to Lose Weight for Summer

Isagenix nutritional cleansing products have become one of the most popular and effective weight loss methods since the line’s introduction in 2002. In particular, two of the company’s products have proven to be among the most popular among people who

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Switch up your isalean shakes
Posted on by Kylie Sayce

10 Recipes to Help You Slim Down for Summer

With summer approaching, many people scramble to the gym in an effort to get beach ready. However, it is also important to remember the powerful impact a healthy diet can have. Below are 10 recipes that are not only healthy

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IsaBody Grand Prize Winner
Posted on by Brad Russell

2018 IsaBody Challenge Winners

  GRAND PRIZE WINNER: The 2018 IsaBody Challenge is over and the grand prize winner is Claudia Tomczyk. Claudia, 24 years old, who comes from South Australia, completed 3 challenges. She stated that her inspiration was and her continued determination is

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Weight Loss food
Posted on by Brad Russell

6 Reasons Most Weight Loss Programs Fail (and the One That Actually Works)

Did you know the average person actually gains weight for every diet they go on? Worse yet, if they do lose weight, it is usually muscle instead of fat. However, when they regain the weight, it is all fat. Since

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NEW Isagenix Mocha Shake
Posted on by Brad Russell

NEW Mocha Shake Now Available!

We know you’ve been waiting for a new flavour of Isagenix Shakes. Great news – the NEW Mocha Shake is available to order now! A creamy blend of coffee and chocolate, this is sure to be a favourite for coffee

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Lachlans Fitness Results
Posted on by Brad Russell

How Isagenix Changes Lives

Isagenix is about more than just changing waistlines. With the Isagenix program, positive changes occur in the mirror as well as the mind. Countless stories demonstrate the potential ways Isagenix can transform lives from low-energy, drained, and stressed to vibrant,

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Plant Based Dairy Free Options
Posted on by Brad Russell

Exciting New Healthy Options for Your Plant Based Lifestyle

Have you heard about the new dairy free products now available from Isagenix? No? Well, here is all the latest exciting information. Dieticians and nutritional experts have heralded the health benefits of a plant based lifestyle for decades. Today, there

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Amazing IsaBody Results
Posted on by Brad Russell

Win Big With The IsaBody Challenge

The Isagenix Isabody Challenge is prompting people to get in shape. It’s helping them win big in the process, too!   What is the IsaBody Challenge? The aim of this competition is to help Isagenix customers achieve their health and

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