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Isagenix President’s Pak (Weight Loss Premium Pack) $

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Isagenix President’s Pak (Weight Loss Premium Pack)

Do you want to lose 10kg or more? Then the Weight Loss Premium Pack is ideal for you. This #1 most popular weight loss pack includes 30 days worth of meals and snacks, a blender, Isagenix E-Shots for increased energy, vitamin and mineral support for 4 Isagenix cleanse days, free membership (normally $25) and more! This pack is perfect for losing weight fast, and reaching your fitness and health goals.

What next? Once you’re within 5kg of your weight loss goals, we recommend using the smaller 30 Day Weight Loss System. Upon reaching your ideal weight, you can move to a maintenance program if desired.

Looking to build lean muscle or improve your results in the gym? The Isagenix Energy Premium Pack, with higher protein shakes and energy /performance products, may be more suited to your health and fitness goals.

Retail price: $878.97


30 day money back guarantee on your first order! Full details here.

Clicking ‘Buy Now’ will direct you to the 100% secure Isagenix International website, where you will complete the purchase. Your order will be shipped fast and most orders arrive in 2-3 days. International orders outside of USA will be shipped from your local country of residence.

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The Isagenix President’s Pak is now called the Isagenix Weight Loss Premium Pack. This pack no longer comes with IsaGenesis and Essentials, but now comes with 12 Eshots, a box of Whey Thins, and a box of IsaDelight Chocolates.

This pack promotes healthy weight loss while boosting overall health. This pack is highly recommended for anyone wishing to start the Isagenix program as it contains a large array of Isagenix cleansing and weight loss products, free membership and the IsaBlender for creamier, smoother shakes.

The Isagenix Weight Loss Premium Pack Contains:

  • 4 x canisters or boxes of IsaLean Shakes (Available in chocolate, choc mint, strawberry and vanilla in the dairy option, or chocolate and vanilla in the dairy free option. Select your flavours during checkout. You can mix and match or select all of one flavour.)
  • 2 x tubs or bottles of Cleanse for Life
  • 1 x tub or bottle of Ionix Supreme
  • 1 x bottle of Natural Accelerator
  • 1 x bottles of Isagenix Snacks
  • 1 x bottle of IsaFlush
  • 2 x boxes of Eshots (12 in total)
  • 1 x Box of Whey Thins
  • 1 x Box of IsaDelight Chocolates
  • 1 x box of IsaLean Bars
  • 1 x IsaBlender
  • 1 x Instructional Booklet (with easy-to-follow directions for a weight loss or healthy maintenance program)
  • 1 x FREE 1-year Membership (normally $25)
  • 1 x $50 Event Coupon (valid for any Isagenix business event throughout the year)

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How To Buy

How Do I Buy the Isagenix Premium Weight Loss Program?

You can purchase the Weight Loss Premium Pack (President’s Pak) from Isagenix in a number of different ways:

  1. RECOMMENDED: Preferred Customer on Autoship ($562.10 + Free Signup)
    Sign up to the Autoship program to have access to the cheapest wholesale prices year round and get your Isagenix program delivered straight to your door every month. Autoship can be cancelled at any time, even after you take advantage of the cheaper prices on your first order! There are no locked in contracts of any sort. To select this option:

    • Click on the Buy Now button below, then select ‘Sign up and Save’
    • Select the ‘Preferred Customer on Autoship (Best Value)’ option and click ‘Next’.
      Note: the $25 signup fee is waived later in the checkout process.
    • Preferred Customer on Autoship
    • Find the Weight Loss Premium Pack (under ‘Business/Value Packs’) and click on it
    • Choose the contents of your pack (flavour of shakes etc) and click ‘Add to Cart’. Alternatively, you can select ‘Configure this for me using the most popular products’.
    • Click ‘Continue Signup’
    • Select ‘Repeat My First Order for Autoship’ to repeat this pack as a monthly order, or ‘Browse Our Full Catalog’ to select other products. Note: autoship can be cancelled at ANY time.
    • Schedule your autoship for every 30 days (this can be easily changed at a later date)
    • Enter your delivery information
    • Proceed to the end of the checkout. If your order was successful, you will get an email instantly from Isagenix. If it wasn’t, please call us on 1300 323 296 to complete the purchase.
  2. Preferred Customer without Autoship ($593.10 + $50 Signup)
    You can still get access to cheaper than retail prices, however this option will cost more than signing up to the autoship program. To select this option follow step 1 above, but when prompted in step 2 select the following option:Preferred customer
  3. Customer on Autoship ($713.91)
    No annual fee and you’ll save 10% off full retail prices. By being on autoship you’ll save an additional 5% on any pack.Customer on Autoship
  4. Full Retail/Customer without Autoship ($793.24)Don’t sign up for autoship or pay an annual fee (you can purchase the products at full retail price).Isagenix CustomerYour first order is covered by a product money back guarantee within 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Isagenix Weight Loss Premium Pack, send it back to Isagenix for a refund! Full details on the money back guarantee can be found here.

    Clicking on the Buy Now button below will take you to our Isagenix Associate website. All orders are covered by the highest levels of online security and shipped securely by Isagenix.

Business Opportunity

Please note the Isagenix commission program is optional. Should you wish to enjoy the benefits of using the Isagenix products without on-selling them, this is entirely up to you.
Sign up just two people in one week on the Isagenix Weight Loss Premium Pack (President’s Pak) – and you’ll earn a minimum of $370 in commission! Watch the video below to find out more.

If you choose to purchase from IsaTonic you will receive an exclusive welcome pack, access to member-only Facebook groups, the latest product and business information, unlimited help via phone or email and invitations to local events. For more information about this exciting business opportunity click here.

Some ways you can earn with Isagenix include:

  1. Double PIBs (Australia)
  2. Double PIBs (New Zealand)
  3. Rank Advancement Bonuses
  4. Director Leadership Pool
  5. 1 Star Executive Pool
  6. 2 Star and Above Executive Pool
  7. Platinum Pool
  8. Team Builders Club
  9. Top Achievers Bahamas
  10. Success Summit

The Isagenix Lifestyle — A Unique Business Opportunity!

Did you know you can make a substantial living from Isagenix? I quit my 9-5 after only 2 months in the program and I’m now earning more than I ever have before! Just by sharing this program (or others in the Isagenix range) with your friends and family, you’ll be eligible to collect huge bonuses! For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Isagenix President’s Pak (Weight Loss Premium Pack)
5.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.

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Happy / Healthy Fulltime Mum

As a fulltime working mum of two, i have found this program to be fantastic and i cannot talk more highly about it! I started doing long hours at work and was missing my gym sessions and not eating the healthiest meals, this program got me back on track within a week and i was already feeling awesome. I had more energy, my body was looking a lot healthier and overall a happier person! I lost 5 kgs in my 30 day program and i am now back on track to where i want to be. If you want to see & feel quick results this is for you - i love it!
- Cassandra Ross

Everyone Needs this program

I started on this program to give my body a complete cleanse and shock to the system. I wanted results the fastest way possible and to shed some kgs too before a wedding. Wish I found this program sooner, so easy to follow!! And it actually works. Never will I ever be on a diet again. Thanks Brad!!
- Skye, Nedlands

I'm Hooked

Being a sales rep for the past 3 years and spending time away from home a fair bit, entertaining customers with dinner & drinks, It wasn't long before I could feel the waist line expand to a size that I felt uncomfortable with. September 2014 I started on the 30 day Presidents Pak, I enjoyed it that much and the results I'd achieved, that I continued it for a further 30 days, now 10kgs lighter and just on 11cm off the waist I feel the best I've felt for years, I now continue to use Isagenix products for a healthier well balanced and nutritional life style, with better sleep, clearer mind, happier, and more energy. Using Isagenix products gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm looking after my health.
- Greg Midolo

Feeling Good

The program is well recommended Im feeling better than I have in years ,Got past the caffeine and sugar cravings and have lost 5 kgs already Would recommend to anyone wanting more energy and to detox from too much excess in their lives Love the flavour of the shakes and the bars are delicious Try it out you've got nothing to lose
- Kris Webster-Lawson

Worth every cent

I am so glad the person who introduced me to Isagenix referred the Presidents Pak to me as my initial purchase; it is worth every cent. The pack gives you the opportunity to try other products including the 30 Nutritional Cleanse and how anybody can do the 30 days without the Isa-lean bars is a miracle; they are delicious. This pack is a must.
- Sandra

Feel Great

Love it love it love it. im feeling hot hot hot im looking hot hot hot. no really Iam. thanks for walking into my life. more than anything I feel great about myself xxcc
- Kirsty

Finally something works

Struggling to lose weight for years and years, especially suffering from PCOS and Insulin resistance (which makes losing weight 100x harder) This system seriously is the only thing that has worked, I am so ecstatic that over the past 6 weeks(inc Xmas & New years) I have lost almost 6 kgs an absolute milestone for me. It is so EASY to do and no cravings it is FANTASTIC and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND it to everyone looking to lose weight. Well worth the money!!!!
- Julie

Love this pack

Love everything about this Isagenix pack! It's affordable and has a great range of products. I chose the Pro shakes instead of the normal ones and they are really tasty (especially with ice). The blender is a handy addition too I tried the shakes at work just by hand shaking in my gym shaker and was nowhere near as good. Will be recommending this program to my friends for sure!!!
- Ann N

Amazingly simple yet utterly effective

My first 30 days was made simple by using this Presidents Pak. I lead a hectic life and this Pak made weight loss easy! I've dropped more kilo's in my first 30 days than is ever expected! I recommend this program to anyone who wants quick results and find regular weight loss programs draining. I promise you'll feel energised and motivated.
- Katrina

so far so good

Simple, very easy to stick to, feeling great.
- Newbie

The best for summer weight loss

I was encouraged to use this by a friend and im glad I listened. It works just like it says. Initially it was hard to get used to drinking a shake instead of eating a meal but seriously by the 3rd day it was easy! They taste great too. Already lost around 4kg and I haven't even finished the pack yet. I love it!!!
- Stacey

Amazing results in little time

Only been on Isagenix for a week not only have I lost 4kg, my skin is clear for the first time in years, I sleep better and feel so much better and have more energy to get though the day. I LOVE ISAGENIX!!
- Samantha

My best investment

Choosing the President's Pak has been the best choice I have made for my body. I am lighter, happier and more energetic.
- Bae

Amazing results with the Presidents Pack

I had such great success with the Presidents Pack in 2013 that now ive overcome a few personal (and emotional) hurdles in the last 2 yrs I want and need that success again. Isagenix worked for me then and i know it will work for me now, with added determination and perserverance i will return to the healthy happy me of the past!
- Elissa Pollard

Life changing

Bought the Isagenix Presidents pack about 5 years ago, and its been life changing on multiple levels. I was highly sceptical and a non believer of supplements until I put these amazing products in my body and within days I felt amazing results and benefits and my health and wellness went to a whole other level. 5 years later I don't think there has been a day I have not used one or multiple of the Isagenix products! With the 30 day money back guarantee, you cant go wrong!
- Peter S