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Isagenix Slim Cakes – Excellent Source of Fibre!

Isagenix SlimCakesIsn’t it great when something performs double duty? That’s what you get with Isagenix SlimCakes. Nutrition and good taste. Every time.

Packed with fibre, SlimCakes are a healthy mix of whole oats, inulin, flaxseed, and an intriguing berry blend.

Each hearty ‘cake’ (more like a large cookie/biscuit) is only 90 calories with five grams of fibre. Isagenix SlimCakes curb cravings and keep you on track for the nutrition of your life. Each box comes with 14 SlimCakes.

Isagenix SlimCakes are part of the healthy Isagenix nutritional program and can be found in some of the value packs. Other snacks in the Isagenix range include Isagenix FiberSnacks, Isagenix Snacks, Isagenix IsaDelight Plus and Isagenix Bars.

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Isagenix SlimCakes Reviews

Isagenix SlimCakes - Average customer rating: Review stars5 (from 4 reviews)

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Reviews star

Great little snacks

These have been great for taking to work, and the packaging isn't too in your face for the whole world to know that you are on Isagenix. Recommended 🙂
Mel, Brisbae - 14/06/2015
Reviews star

SOOOO yummy!!

Just like home baked cookies that are actually good for you! Always have one in my bag!
Sara Hodgson, New Zealand - 10/05/2015
Reviews star

Good for snacking throughout the day

These slimcakes (more like biscuits really) are great to have in the lunch box. stops me snacking on other things like chips and what not.
Michael M., Munster - 21/04/2015
Reviews star

Taste incredible

These are my absolute favorites! I'm currently doing the 30 day cleanse and the slim cakes have been a godsend. I love cakes/biscuits/anything sweet & these have curbed any cravings I have had to eat something not on my program. They're so good my husband keeps stealing them for his work lunches!
Promise, QLD - 11/03/2015




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