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Isagenix IsaGenesis Premium Pack

8 Bottles of Isagenix IsaGenesis in One Huge Pack!

Isagenix have recently updated their product range. The Isagenix IsaGenesis President’s Pak is now called the Isagenix IsaGenesis Premium Pack. It still contains the same products.

Please note that you can also purchase the IsaGenesis in packs of 1, 3 and 5 bottles. Click here to view the prices.
What is IsaGenesis?
Isagenix IsaGenesis Presidents PackFormerly known as Isagenix Product B (IsaGenesis is a new and improved formula), Isagenix is a scientifically advanced formula of antioxidants, which may help to support telomere health by assisting with the reduction of oxidative stress.

The Isagenesis Premium Pack (President’s Pak) comes with 8 bottles that you can use yourself or share with others to build your Isagenix business.

Retail price: $868.24


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For a detailed description on how this revolutionary product works, watch the short video below:

Product List:

The IsaGenesis Premium Pack contains 8 x Bottles of Product B IsaGenesis. Please note: formerly this product was just referred to as Product B. IsaGenesis is the new and improved formula.

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