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Isagenix Is Now In Indonesia!

New Zealand FlagDo you live in Jakarta, Bali, Sumatra, or anywhere else in the islands of Indonesia and want the best nutritional cleansing products? Well, you’re in luck because Isagenix is now widely available across Indonesia!

Isagenix is a pioneer and the premier maker of cleansing, meal replacement, and healthy aging nutritional products. Using proprietary formulas and nothing but the very best all-natural ingredients and extraction techniques, Isagenix nutritional cleansing products and programs are second to none.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight and build lean muscle, boost your energy and athletic performance, or improve your overall health, IsaTonic and Isagenix Indonesia have you covered. So, regardless of where you are in Indonesia, visit my Isagenix products page or contact me to learn more about Isagenix and begin looking and feeling better today!


Which Isagenix Indonesia Program Is Right For You?


  • IsaShake Pack
  • IsaShake Pak
  • For those wanting serious results from their workouts/training.
  • Suggested Retail: $938.98
  • Our Price: $664.73
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  • CFL Concentrate
  • CFL Concentrate
  • For those wanting serious results from their workouts/training.
  • Suggested Retail: $1012.20
  • Our Price: $716.45
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I’m an Indonesian Resident. How Can I Begin Benefitting From Isagenix?

30 Day Weight Loss and Wellness Pak
The most popular programs in Indonesia are the 30 Day Cleanse and the President’s Pak. Nutritional cleansing lies at the heart of both options.

With both the 30 Day Cleanse and the President’s Pak, two meals each day are replaced with nutrient-rich shakes and other nutritional cleansing supplements. For lunch or dinner in the evening, you can enjoy a 400-600 calorie meal of your choice. If you’re not interested in losing weight and simply using Isagenix products for their many health benefits, it’s perfectly fine to eat more for added calories and nutrition. In addition to exercise, that’s really all there is to it.


Isagenix Indonesia 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money BackIf, for whatever reason, a pack or program isn’t right for you, simply send it back within 30 days for a full refund on your initial order. That’s right; Isagenix stands by its products and is confident you’ll love the way you look and feel.

With 30 days to give Isagenix a try risk free, there’s no reason not to begin improving your health and fitness with Isagenix’s nutritional cleansing programs.


Isagenix Indonesia — A Wonderful Growth Opportunity

Isagenix officially opened for business in Indonesia in June of 2015. Since then, its growth has far exceeded expectations as product sales and new Associate sign ups have beaten all projections.However, Isagenix has not even scratched the surface in terms of its impact on the lives of Indonesians. There are millions of people living in Indonesia and currently only one Isagenix Associate for every 110,000 residents. This means there is huge expansion possibilities across the region.
Some of the many reasons to become an Isagenix Associate in Indonesia include:

  • Indonesia is one of the most recent Isagenix markets.
  • More than 253 million people reside in the region.
  • A growing number of young people and aging “Baby Boomers.”
  • The country boasts the largest economy in the region.
  • There’s a growing interest in healthy living.

All of these factors make Indonesia an incredible opportunity for anyone with a passion for helping others and the drive to reach six or even seven figures. With Isagenix products and a market like Indonesia, the possibilities are endless!