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Isagenix E+ Natural Energy Shot

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The Famous Isagenix Energy Shot!


Now in new lemon lime flavour!

Isagenix Eshots New FlavourThe Isagenix eShot combines healthy botanicals with natural sources of caffeine, green tea and yerba mate to boost your energy for both everyday activities and to improve workout performance. Eshots are also perfect for Isagenix cleanse days—you can take up to 2 to help you get through them!

The Isagenix Energy Shot contains only 35 calories per serving. This tasty, healthy shot serves up energy and refreshment with no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners.

Healthy energy. Mental clarity. Whether first thing in the morning, mid-day, or afternoon, the Isagenix eShot can help you be your best!

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A favourite of the IsaTonic team—the Isagenix Energy Shot contains natural, healthy sources of caffeine and is perfect as a pre-workout, replacement for coffee* or for increased mental clarity. Best served straight from the fridge.

Note: we often get asked if you can drink coffee whilst on Isagenix. Here’s our recommendation.


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Isagenix E+ Natural Energy Shot Reviews

Isagenix E+ Natural Energy Shot - Average customer rating: Review stars5 (from 9 reviews)

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Reviews star

Devine E-Shot

When a professional athlete recommends E-Shots for a pre workout, you know this product has credibility.
Bae - 30/03/2016
Reviews star

Best Isagenix product there is

use these before my workouts and they are better than any other similar products I have used before. Feel like I can go for hours!
Ben W, WA - 19/02/2016
Reviews star

Man these are good

Tried these before my gym sesh and they definitely helped get me through it. Not like other preworkouts ive had but really good.
Angus - 14/10/2015
Reviews star

Amazing energy boost!

Love this product! Gives me a sustained energy boost at the 2pm fade time of the day. Leaves me full of energy for the entire afternoon and mental clarity I never had when drinking coffee. Don't miss my coffee at all, but no one better take my E+ shots away!
Sara Hodgson, New Zealand - 10/05/2015
Reviews star


These little shots of energy are amazing. Was a bit sceptical before I tried them as I am a huge coffee lover but these are every bit as good if not better!!
Ann N, Brisbane - 07/05/2015
Reviews star

Got me through the day

Had one of these on my travels through Melbourne and Sydney recently - got me through the day after a long day/flight! Loved the taste too!
Nick N, Sydney - 27/02/2015
Reviews star

Great product

Great energy boost
Janelle, Australia - 05/12/2014
Reviews star

Best pre workout

Pre workout essential without all the dodgy side effects
Roxanne - 11/11/2014
Reviews star

My Favourite Item in the Isagenix Range!

Eshots are my favourite item in the range. I take one in the morning as a healthy alternative to coffee, and one pre-workout in the afternoon (or if I'm feeling a little sluggish later that day). They taste great and work just as promised; no caffeine crashes, no jitters, just constant energy. Love them!
Brad Russell [Staff Review] - 07/11/2014


Isagenix Natural Energy Shot Ingredients:


Isagenix EShot Ingredients and Caffeine Content

Isagenix Eshot Ingredients and Caffeine Content




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