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A Beautiful System: How the Body Detoxes Naturally.

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The Natural Detox ProcessThe human body is a magnificent machine. Self-detoxification is constant throughout the body; which is capable of destroying free radical particles before they damage cells in skin or within organs, and flushing out external pollutants such as trans-fatty acids and remnants of pesticides on food. The body’s immune system is the front-line defender against harmful germs and microorganisms, and specific organs play vital roles in natural detoxification.


What is the Immune System?

The human immune system is comprised of an incredibly complex network of tissues, cells, and entire organs working together to defend the body against dangerous particles, including living microorganisms such as fungi, parasites, and bacteria.

Getting proper exercise, hydrating appropriately, and eating a healthy balanced diet all are ways to naturally strengthen the body’s own defences. And while it is easy enough to incorporate water and detox tea into the diet and develop a personalized exercise program, sometimes the biggest challenge people face in their quest for wellness is a nutritionally complete eating program.


Feeding the Immune System

One way to boost the body’s immune system is to supplement the diet with natural, high-quality products that provide complete nutrition. Isagenix, for example, offers various packages as well as individual products designed to be healthy, complete meals to boost overall body health.

Along with proper hydration and an effective, individualized exercise regimen, proper nutrition is a key element in not only getting a healthy body but also in maintaining a long-term state of health.


Organs that Detoxify the Body

Detox Your BodyThe kidneys and the colon, or large intestine, each play key roles in every body’s ability to flush out and remove toxins. In fact, through extremely complicated means, the focused, singular task of these organs involves removing waste.

Both organs–the kidneys and the colon–are instrumental to the body’s cleansing and healing abilities. They serve as “smart” filters, with the innate ability to determine the difference between necessary, useful particles, such as oxygen-rich blood, and potentially harmful waste that needs to be removed from the body.

The human body has various complex and highly effective methods for natural defence and detoxification, including the immune system and internal organs, such as the kidneys and the colon. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy, balanced diet, is essential for the body to maintain an immediate, constant process of detoxification.

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